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Moving to the town is a dream for many and something that we decided to actually do a few years ago. We have never regretted it for a moment - we love living here !

St Ives is a great place to live, not just because of the beaches and the beautiful setting but because it has a real sense of community. The arts and entertainment scene is good - there is always something going on whether its live music, theatre or a new exhibition.

It is also a good place for children with lots to do, good schools and a safer environment than many places.

We wondered about fitting in, making friends and the attitude of locals to "outsiders". It didn't take us long to make friends and feel part of the town. There are a huge number of community groups, arts organisations and other things going on if you want to get involved.

One possible problem is that property prices are generally high, but the same could be said for many parts of the country. Many properties around the harbour area are in demand as "buy to let" investments and may seem a bit overpriced. You might be better off looking in other areas of town further up from the sea.

There are also a fair number of properties to rent.

We visited St Ives many times before finally making the decision to move. We also spoke to many people who had moved here and just about every one of them said "do it - we've never regretted it".

We'd recommend that if you are thinking of moving here - come down, have a good look around particularly away from the tourist areas, talk to local people and look at all the options. Develop a clear idea of what you want - then go for it !

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St Ives Cornwall
St Ives Cornwall

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St Ives Cornwall Blog

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